October Work Party, 2006

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John Lorang preparing this window for priming. This window has one side in the girls bedroom and one in side the boys. It was probably designed by John (the first) Lorang. There is a new roof above that.

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John Lorang

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Lois (Lorang) Berreman

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Helen Lorang

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Mark Armstrong (son of Pat)

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Mark Armstrong, John Lorang, Pat (Lorang) Armstrong looking at original paint color chips to do color matching.

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The ranch house with the restored sign and new roof

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A closer view


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1876 log cabin. The story of the builder Goswin Sievert is on the front of the cabin. Also the ridge cap is now in place.

The story of Goswin Sievert

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Patrick Lorang cleaning out the fountain for Genesee Community Days tour

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Lois Lorang Berreman sealing windows

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Lois Lorang Berreman sealing windows

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The farm kitchen. Articles about the farm are on the table.

Our next work party will be in the Spring for painting the

Farm Home.

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Andrea Lorang, wife of John and son Adam. Adam is writing down ideas for field trips for school children (K-12).



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Adam Lorang son of John & Andrea writing good suggestions for field trips for school children (K-12)..


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Adam and more ideas.

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Still more ideas.


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Adam Lorang checking out the artifact room (sorting room)

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Clark Armstrong , Lois (Lorang) Berreman, and Pat (Lorang) Armstrong at Janet's house during work party.

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Breaktime: Janet Lorang and crew.


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